Rural Racists Worried about Immigration

A racist from a small, rural village is fuming about open borders and mass immigration. John Smith is concerned about the security of his local bowls club and the severe rise in crime he has seen lately. “I saw on my local Facebook community page that Tommy Robinson had been here and exposed a local... Continue Reading →


Obnoxious Brits Abroad

“Oi! Judy! Judy! Hey! Judy! Judy!” He paused for half a second to catch his breath. And then he carried on calling out for Judy, who was only a few metres away but seemed to not hear her husband. This didn’t deter him and he carried on shouting the name Judy which, because of his... Continue Reading →

Take Yourself Away

Take yourself away my beautiful one. Take yourself away from the thoughts of disdain, And vanquish the cloudy lack of worth, To see the gorgeous person you have become. Don’t be swept up in the lies of insecurity, Where you’re battered and gasping for air, Worrying if you have any strength or quality, Because I... Continue Reading →

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